Wednesday, May 25, 2005

...Doom as bottom man...

If you have kept up with the incredible amount of material released by MF Doom during the last 5-6 years, you'll have found yourself in possession of multiple versions of the same track. Sometimes the same Doom rhyme over different beats (original and stolen). Sometimes a different Doom rhyme over the same beat. Sometimes a collab between Doom and another artist. But often enough, different MC's over those classic Doom beats. Today's post contains the same Doom beat with Nas and Ghostface rhyming on top of each. It's an upbeat 80's-style synthy TV theme thing, which juxtaposes diametrically with the vocal style and intensity of the chosen MC's. While Doom's idiosyncratic rhymes often meld well with his off-the-wall sample choices, when slammed against another man's voice, the result is unnerving. So... Alright then. I have very little idea as to the actual origins of either of these tracks. Considering Doom himself makes a lot of 'special blends', I was surprised to find that Max Bedroom put the Nas & Doom collab together. I'm still guessing that Dumile did the Ironman mashs, though. (By the way, this reminds me to stress the greatness of the brilliant early 90's album "Return Of the Product" by MC Serch. Previous to his first and only solo album, Serch was in 3rd Bass, whose 'The Cactus Album' first introduced me to Zev Love X (aka MF Doom) when I was but a young 7th grade pup.)

Max Bedroom
You Owe Me

MF Doom & Ghostface Killah
I Hear Voices Pt. 3
Operation Ironman


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