Tuesday, May 31, 2005

...head honk...

I apologize. Sincerely. I've been busy recently, and my posting has not been as regular as I said it would be. I'll do better, I promise. With that said, it's back to new music. To make up for the lengthy 4-day downtime, I'm posting 4 finger-snapping, neck-jerking, toe-tapping, hip-swaying, butt-bumping, body-moving, bang your head against the steeringwheel horn because it's just too damn funky, tunes. Just for you, my small but dedicated audience. Dig it.

Larry Coryell
Cover Girl
Planet End

Ramsey Lewis
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
Mother Nature's Son

What's Your Name?
Rock Me
Sonar Kollektiv

Mark Rae
Reach Out To Me
Into The Depths
Grand Central


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hotness. ...and you shouldn't beat yourself up for takeing a 4-day break! -hanator

6/05/2005 8:07 PM  

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