Thursday, May 26, 2005

...Pretty Toney unmixed...

I know fully well that both of these songs are well traveled in their use as samples (nobody beats the Biz), but I'm posting them today because they were both used as backing tracks on my favorite album of 2004, Ghostface's 'The Pretty Toney Album'. I already posted his 'Last Night (Skit)' song which featured the cut 'Last Night Changed It All' by Esther Williams. The second Tony Starks track connected is 'Save Me Dear', using 'You Got What I Need' by Freddie Scott to back him up.

Freddie Scott
(You) Got What I Need
You Got What I Need / Powerful Love 45

Esther Williams
Last Night Changed It All
Your's And Your's Alone / Last Night Changed It All 12"
Friends & Co.


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