Wednesday, June 01, 2005

...byte breaks...

Can you dance to hip-hop? People thought so back in 1986, and Kurtis Mantronik was pushing every boundary possible with the criminally ignored 'Music Madness'. Fast-forward to 2004, which featured 100+ bpm acid-laced tracks from Lil' Jon, Outkast, and Timbaland, and you find Petey Pablo programming crunk-garage (?). Now that Soul Jazz has gotten hip with their reissues and comps, Mantronix has reached a whole new audience of club-goers who don't want to just sip on their sizzurp. All the while, Petey, Missy and André 3000 give the tigerbeat6 minions the best reason yet to get out from behind their screens.

Who Is It
Music Madness
Sleeping Bag

Petey Pablo
Stick Em Up
Still Writing In My Diary: 2nd Entry


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