Friday, June 10, 2005

...every two nights...

A true freakout today. The same song, "Twice!". When a tune pops into your head during your morning shower, it seems the right thing to do to give it the double-dip. Picked up this rather obscure Richie Havens album from 1980 on Monday as well. I grabbed it primarily for the beautiful disco song on the B side ('Going Back To My Roots'), but found that this McCartney cover was nearly as great. It pumps up the naturally steady beat to give the originally acoustic song a driving urgency. Still, if you can't take the beating, try Paul's version; lifted from his first solo foray. It showcased his wonderful ability to create the perfect pop melody, but seemed to portend his future mediocrity. Oh well. Regardless of these two men's careers (and their up's and down's), this song works it out.

Richie Havens
Every Night

Paul McCartney
Every Night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think this is the first post i already have since i have been coming here. nice streak! -hanator

6/10/2005 9:18 PM  
Anonymous unresort said...

hehe, i saw there was a comment and i knew, i just knew... ;)

6/11/2005 7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i figgured you would, even though i didn't say it was the mccartney. shout outs to kreen--akrore.

PS-by the way, that Larry Coryell from the other day is mad hot. i'm out.

6/12/2005 7:38 PM  

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