Friday, June 03, 2005

...guest picks...

Today's music comes courtesy of a couple friends of mine. I've had to wait for the proper moment to give you this 'rock/pop' stuff, but considering the steady rainstorm that has been plaguing us since last night, I thought these tunes might be perfect for some "we gotta have inside recess even though it's June" blues. Thanks to DJ Balagan for the first selection, Automatic Man, who sent me this track the old fashioned way (email). And thanks to DJ Herbman for forcing me to buy this Emitt Rhodes album, upon his strong recommendation. Hope everyone stays dry and cozy this weekend. (I'll see y'all tomorrow night at Pete Rock.) (CANCELLED)

Automatic Man
Comin' Through
Automatic Man

Emitt Rhodes
Promise's I've Made
Emitt Rhodes


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