Thursday, June 09, 2005

...motor city...

Picked these two up on Monday as well. Both released on the Motown label, they feature some of the better (and rougher) versions of the early 70's in Detroit sound. 'Do It Baby' is missing Smokey obviously, but it lays down a particular funk and familiar hook that headz will recognize. Can you connect the sampling dots? A great early-night burner. Later in the evening (or early in the morning), you should throw on 'I Can't Quit Your Love'. It's a full speed ahead funk (pre-disco?) beat with Levi Stubbs belting out his breaking heart. (A bit of trivia... no Lamont/Dozier/Holland recordings were used/abused in either of these recordings. A miracle in itself.)

The Miracles
Do It Baby
Do It Baby

The Four Tops
I Can't Quit Your Love
Nature Planned It


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