Tuesday, June 07, 2005

...yesterday's finds...

I went to a record sale yesterday morning and picked up an armful of dollar finds, so I'm flush with new soul and jazz to be listened to and eventually filed away. Granted, I didn't find anything revolutionary, but it's always nice to get quality filler for cheap. That's where today's posts come in. Michal Urbaniak is a Polish violinist who was coupled with the jazz-rock 'fusion' of the 1970's. Chief among my interests in him (and specifically this record, where she spits beautifully slippery and idiosyncratic scat) is his marraige to one of my favorite singers, Ursula Dudziak. And for added good measure, Larry Coryell steps in for some fierce guitar solos along the way. Oddly enough, 'Cameo' features neither, but does showcase a slow and low funk that I just can't resist. Up next is Les McCann (who I've highlighted before) stretching into his later-era singing faze. Not his best moment, but luckily he still kept working out the funk occasionally with this leadoff track from 1975's 'Hustle To Survive'. It's a scorcher, so don't let your speakers short out.

Michal Urbaniak
Fusion III

Les McCann
Hustle To Survive


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