Wednesday, July 06, 2005

...could you speak up please...

I'll admit that when I first heard Wait! (The Whisper Song) a few months ago, I turned it up to 11 and sat in my car, contorting my body sideways to let the funk out of my elbows. I had just dropped my friend and equipment off at the bar and was looking for a parking spot when this incredibly unusual "micro-hop" cut came through my speakers. As usual, if I dig it, it crosses over. Now there are aging hippies saying "Wait'll ya see my d***, hey b****". Luckily with the turnaround these days on mixtapes and whitelabels being nearly weekly, other artists are jumping on the whisper train. David Banner has the newest hit out now, and it's my first post. The full-length hopefully will hit the streets by August. Your second whisper selection is a bit more obscure, and I thank Lemon-Red for connecting these dots. The Kadalack Boyz' 'Get Em' has the same vocal stylings, but with a rough and tough thuggin' beat. Just don't ask "could you speak up, please?"

David Banner
Play 12"

Kadalack Boyz
Get 'Em (Radio)
Get 'Em 12"


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