Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Went digging a smidge last weekend and didn't find much at all. That's when I decided to dive into the 45's for a while. The highlights include a couple semi-decent condition 80's hip-house hit picks from compatriots DJ Hollywood and Lovebug Starski. I don't want to even begin to explain their importance in the history of early hip-hop (besides Hollywood actually coining the genre-name), so if you dig it, please do some researching. Sorry I missed yesterday, I'm working on a few other projects right now (and considering I have no idea how many people out there actually read this thing regularly), so it's moved lower on the totem pole. I'm still on top of my game though, so don't freak yet. Stay tuned, as I've joined forces with a few others to post jointly at a new site which will be ready for public consumption soon. Also, I've got new original stuff getting mixed down right now so the 29ยข Soul page will be refreshed eventually. Oh yeah, and if you haven't checked's a headfonehaus summer, vol. 4, now's the time. You don't want to be the last on your block to be rockin' this block-rocker this summer. Perfect for barbeques and cruisin' avenues.

DJ Hollywood
Shock, Shock, The House
Shock, Shock, The House 45

Lovebug Starski
House Rocker (Vocal)
House Rocker 45


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