Friday, July 29, 2005 style...

Kinda been waitin' for the right day to give out some more rock n' roll sounds, and today seemed perfect for some upbeat (i.e. danceable) British punk / post-punk. I always was fascinated by the fact that you could look so good AND rock so hard, all in one scene. Why can't natty fashion be associated with badasses any more? So, I picked up both of these gems in the dollar room of my local record store a couple weeks ago. To start, an incredibly weird yet funky song from the long-lived (and venerable) 999 about the ups and downs of the wrong side of Uncle John. One of the few 70's punk cuts I know that even starts with a straight-up break. Next in line is taken from Magazine's '83 album that seems to have bridged that gap between the Buzzcocks (Howard Devoto's first band) and the cinematic explorations of Barry Adamson. In the middle of these two, they somehow produced some great 'post-punk'. It's good to let yourself get a little rocked out on Friday, ok?

Crime Part 1 & 2
United Artists

The Correct Use Of Soap
Blue Plate


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