Wednesday, July 13, 2005 rips...

If you've heard all the huge congos and in-your-face horns that typify a Rich Harrison production (1 Thing, Crazy In Love, etc.), you would be worn out by now, considering how much movement he crams into three minutes of funk. And while he's got a cut on the new Missy, it's the underground artists that are truly pitching and pushing the sample-culture forward. Considering this, I dug around and found some similar, but different horn-happy blazes. I've posted my favorite track (so far) from the new Herbaliser album, which features Jean Grae spittin' furiously over a banging soundtrack rhythm. Backing it up is the instrumental from MF Doom's 'Viktor Vaughn' album, which was produced by Chi-town's finest, RJD2. Both of these cuts are filled to the brim with so many spikes, stabs and hits, it'll twist your head around like Linda Blair.

The Herbaliser
Nahmean Nahm Sayin
Take London
Ninja Tune

In Rare Form
Bustown Pride


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