Friday, July 15, 2005

...stay tuned, coming soon...

It's beautifully sunny weather outside today, and I hate to waste it sitting in front of this computer (regardless of the work I still have waiting for me to do), so I'm going to skip out early and leave you with a bit of news and a couple updates.

While apparently the LadySov show last nite in NYC surprisingly didn't go so well (still wish I was back on 6th & B), the history of out-of-town artists giving a sub-par performance (or not even showing up at all) in Kansas City/Lawrence is well documented. Still, I am anticipating something special tomorrow night when Ali Shaheed Muhammad spins his records at Kabal. I want to invite everybody to head downtown and show support for someone who probably helped you get through junior high. [p.s. Shirtless Joe and Candlepants at the 8thStTaproom 2nite]

Most importantly though, I have two new mixes in the works. They are both 95% completed (give or take) and will be available hopefully sometime next week. The first (and free) mix is my annual "'s a headfonehaus summer". It's volume 4 this year, can you believe it? It will be posted in the 'SLMix' archive, which is conveniently located behind my picture (upper right). Please feel free to familiarize yourself with the current line-up, if you have not had the opportunity to do so. The second mix is the much awaited and anticipated, "20 jazz-funk greats", selected and mixed by myself and my good friend DJ Herbman. This will be available very shortly as well, but we're waiting for a quick talk with the printers. Stay tuned.


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