Monday, July 25, 2005

...terry's law...

Starting off the week, I dive into electronica with these two beautiful soul-jazz cuts that feature one of the greatest vocalists of all time, Terry Callier. And while the backing tracks may sound organic, the final creations are 100% 21st century technology. The first track is taken from his 2002 album that, while already his fifth album since his re-emergence, was able to connect him with a new, youthful audience. This remix highlights one of the best songs from the album and is good for summer days at work, in that swinging sort of way. The second track is culled from the phenomenally good "post-club" debut album from Koop. While I still thoroughly enjoy this '01 album, it helps that one of the best songs features Terry as well. Using a propulsive shuffle and ethereal keys and strings, they give him the opportunity to sing his own words in his stunningly heartbreaking manner. Both soul, both jazz, both electronica.

Terry Callier
Running Around (Fug 'City' Remix)
Running Around 12"
Mr. Bongo

In A Heartbeat (feat. Terry Callier)
Waltz For Koop


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