Tuesday, August 02, 2005

...fusion hammer...

It's a fusion tuesday with songs written by two of my favorites, Keith Jarrett and Jan Hammer. And preformed with a most wanted list of Gary Burton, Steve Swallow, John Abercrombie and Jack De Johnette. Frenzied indeed. The first track is from 1974 and features an intense keyboard workout (with some guitar too) backed by a fast-forward beat. A perfect snapshot of that era. Up next is from the earlier days of 1971, so it's still referencing the soul-jazz that was finishing up. The bluebeat is quickly overtaken though by the disjointed exploration of early Keith and the echoed double-time vibes of Gary.

John Abercrombie
Red And Orange

Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett
Grow Your Own
Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett


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