Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Heatpack - Low

I fell down a well. Sorry 'bout the downtime. I've realized that trying to keep to a daily posting schedule, along with a perscribed genre for each day, was asking a bit much from my time as well as my collection. So I've decided to start focusing less on quantity, and more on quality. I'll still be posting pretty often and I'll still have some serious hotness to pass your way, but maybe I'll use this space for personal promos or positive links occasionally. It's all just part of this quickly-evolving audioblog called headfonehaus. So now that school is back in session, and the traffic is completely unbearable, I'm starting off this September with a new mix of "pump, pump it up!" beats. Some new stuff, some old stuff, all (95%) mixed live and direct for your butt-shaking pleasure. This is for all of you who need a 'steady beat with no crazy movie clip interludes' type mastermix. btw, come out to one of my gigs next month, as it seems I've got a lot lined up with more on the way. Thanks for listening.


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