Wednesday, August 10, 2005

...instrumental versions...

I of course went to my local record shop yesterday (it was Tuesday after all) and got into a discussion about the value of 'instrumental' versions of hip-hop albums. Would I buy more if every album came out with an instrumental version? What if they were bundled together? I said that it of course depended on the producer and the quality of their underlying songbed. But then, would I only buy the instrumental version? Ultimately, I realized that the audience for the latter is probably significantly smaller than the former, and hashing out how to make money from said community seems pretty inconsequential. But then again, I don't run a backpacker label. With that said, I thought of one producer in particular that while, the MC's are not always to my liking, his work behind the scenes is worthy of my purchasing everything he does in its 'instrumental' version. Hell, even his own rapping can be a bit much for me now and then. Luckily, it seems he's been busier behind the equipment than out front recently, considering his Jazz collab and the steady stream of DefJux releases. So with inspiration from yesterday, I'm posting two cuts done up by none other than El-Producto himself. Up first is from last year's great 'odds and ends' album and features a beautifully ethereal vocal over his already otherworldly soundtrack. Easily the best song on the album and luckily it came out on 12" as well. The next selection is taken from one of the best rap albums of the 21st century. And while the thumping, stuttering beat keeps me transfixed, and the bagpipe's scream shocks my reality, it's that 'No Doubt' voice in the middle that freaks me out completely. Just listen for it. On top of that, you just can't help but want to hear Vast say "Don't make me bite your face / 'cause it ain't like I like the taste". Worthy of owning both versions. El-P is a sickness.

Constellation Recall
Collecting The Kid
Definitive Jux

Cannibal Ox
Raspberry Fields
Definitive Jux


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