Monday, August 22, 2005

...ride or die...

Start the week off right with some crazy-intense-manic-jackhammer beats from my favorite headbanger, Knifehandchop (Toronto's own Billy Pollard). I may come across as a pretty mellow fella, but I secretly harbor a love for the hardcore punk that I slam-danced to back in those halcyon days of the late '80s. Fast-forward to the fully adult self that many of you see now... I still occasionally venture out alone to ear-bleeding sludgecore shows and frenetic scream-fests. Coupled along with this love is the 'hardcore techno' that Knifehandchop represents. After listening to a lot of also-rans in this genre, I definitely rank his mixture of hip-hop and (can I say this?) 'digital hardcore' as my favorite music to release any possible stress and energy left after a long day at work. I just use that drive home for a full-on seizure. Maybe you can to. (Think about what DMX felt like when he got arrested for that carjacking in the airport parking lot when you listen to track dos.)

Now With 50% More Rave
How I Left You

Sunjammer Is My Favorite Pokemon Trainer
Bling The Noize


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