Monday, August 08, 2005

...southern hemisphere...

I've chosen some 'southern hemisphere' inspired electronica for you today. It's hot as blazes again and you deserve some good sunshiny beats. I almost missed the newest release from one of my favorite Samba updaters, which came out earlier this Spring, but luckily found it last month and it's been near the top of my 'most-played' list since. Zuco 103 consists of a Brazilian singer and two Dutch programmers, who create a modern fusion of bossanova, samba, jazz, funk, and most anything else to make your feet move around. On the other hand, sometimes you can grab a sly beat from oddworld sounds and have a voice smooth it out to materialize something altogether sanguine. DJ /rupture's album from '04 has as expected, a wealth of different styles protruding from it's corners. If you've heard his mixes, you know he has both an ear for the intense and an appreciation for the subtle.

Zuco 103

DJ /rupture
Musquito (Club Foot Remix)
Special Gunpowder


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