Friday, August 12, 2005

...this weekend...

Certainly the highlight of the month. The best hip-hop producer not producing hip-hop, DJ Greyboy is gracing our tiny town. (Thanks as always to Edwin.) Tomorrow evening just across the river at the Gaslight. Backing him up will be our best representatives, SceneBooster (Josh Powers) and SuperArgo. + something called Applesauce. To get you more interested, I've posted a couple of my favorite remixes from his most recent album, Soul Mosaic (his best yet, released in '04). As usual, I have no idea how a 'DJ' set will sound from an artist, but I'm guessing he'll grab everything from his early acid-jazz days to his mid-period straight breaks, to his modern soul. Regardless, support this guy and come on over to the show. (Just don't show up before I do because that Gaslight is a bit too small and this show might get a bit too big.) Even if you're busy, or are just too cool for school, please dig around his discography because you really can't go wrong.

To Know You Is To Love You (Red Astaire Remix)
To Know You Is To Love You 12"

Got To Be A Love (Paul Nice Remix)
Got To Be A Love 12" / Soul Mosaic CD


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