Thursday, August 04, 2005

...we love Reggie...

I've been waiting to find the ideal time to write about one of my absolute favorite artists of recent memory, Reggie Watts. Since I mailed off one of my turntables and my good mixer yesterday to get a little TLC, I'll most likely be stuck with what's on my harddrive for a couple weeks. So it seemed like I should take the opportunity to bless you with the soulful beauty that is Maktub & Reggie Watts. And while the other musicians currently lumped into the neo-soul genre dump have been given a great deal of space on my iPod, it's music like this (with a true appreciation for live rhythm and blues), that keeps my head nodding all day long. Just a bit of background... Maktub, based out of Seattle, have released 3 albums together including their most recent release from 2002, Khronos. Their frontman (Reggie) released his first solo record the following year. The main difference between the two is the extended experimentation with digital programming that creates the background for his solo foray, opposed by the organic sound of the full live setup that is the band Maktub. Other then that, everything's a winner. I tried my best to pick my favorite song from each, but that of course changes from day to day, so I went with my gut. Both are mid-tempo toe-tappers with a mixture of falsetto and growl. Both are fantastic for hot summer days like today (wasn't it supposed to rain?). So download these songs, smile a little bit, and go order a copy.

Reggie Watts
Wanna' Get

Baby Can't Wait


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