Wednesday, August 24, 2005

...youz a baby right...

I realize that the DipSet has covered every possible base and their internet and NYC saturation is nearly complete, but I wanted to pass along some of my own opinions on this phenomenon. To start, I'm posting today a couple of my favorite cuts from 'human crack in the flesh'. Or maybe we'll just call the youngster from the purple byrds Juelz Santana. He's the kid that supposedly can lay the crazy pipe even though he's a baby, right. It also helps that the production from their seemingly 'in-house' producers The Heatmakerz is particularly stellar on both of these tracks. I think you'll dig it. Go ahead and get started with this mellow mixture of sped-up vocal samples, skittering half-beat high-hats, and the most odd rhyming scheme since... well, let's just keep looking forward.

The Heatmakerz
Your Gonna Love Me (ft. Juelz Santana)

Juelz Santana
Don't Want To F**k (ft. JR Writer)
Back Like Crooked Crack 2: More Crack


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