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Bunny Sigler - My Music (Philadelphia International 1976)


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Philly soul artist/producer Bunny Sigler's third album for Gamble & Huff's Philadelphia International Records label, My Music marked the first time he used his protégé band Instant Funk on an entire album. Sigler seems better for it since he lets his creativity fill the album with engaging surprises. The opener, "I'm the Bunny From the Other Side of the Ocean," is filled with humor, jokey asides, and a tight horn section. The thumpin' percolating title track, co-written by Sigler, Leon Huff, and McFadden & Whitehead ("Aint No Stoppin' Us Now"), slowly builds instrument by instrument as Sigler directs each band member to come in, then the whole funk lesson becomes peppered with James Brown-ish horn riffs. The effervescent "Thank You Baby for Last Night" and the laid-back bounce groover "Come on and Dance, Dance, Dance" are nice numbers to kick back with. Sigler eccentricities come to the forefront on the street-slick Sigler/T.Life song "Ladies Man" and the samba-flavored "Calling Me Back," which has sharp lyrics. The lush, sweepingly romantic "Somebody Loves You," co-written with Life and arranger Richard Rome (aka Richie Rome), testifies to the redemptive power of love. Going into the 21st century Sigler's fans would ask him when he was going to re-record the song or when the original version would be available on CD. He co-wrote (with Eugene "Lambchops" Curry) the similarly themed "Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)," a 1991 million selling single for Patti Labelle from her Burnin' album. Sigler's brother, Jimmy Sigler, wrote the joyous "Can't Believe That You Love Me." One track from this album, the introspective slow jam/Opalstribute "Just Let Me Love You Tonight," is on the 1996 Sony Legacy CD, The Best of Bunny Sigler: Sweeter Than the Berry.

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