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Jerry Hahn - Moses (Fantasy 1973)


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Jerry Hahn's second album is a fairly definitive effort by the talented but greatly underrated guitarist. Best known as an educator and an alumnus of Gary Burton's group, Hahn shows a lot of potential on this quartet set with organist Merl Saunders, bassist Mel Graves, and drummer George Marsh. In addition to his diverse originals, Hahn performs swinging versions of "All Blues" and Clifford Brown's "Joy Spring." It is a double pity that this LP has yet to appear on CD and that Hahn was not more extensively recorded in the 1970s.

1. Moses
2. Prime Time
3. Slick And Sharp
4. Blues Suite
5. Full Moon And Empty Arms
6. Sunshine Superman
7. Joy Spring
8. All Blues
9. Honey Suite

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