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Love, Peace & Happiness - Love Is Stronger (RCA 1971)


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A solid last hurrah for Love, Peace & Happiness, the least successful of the New Birth conception created by Vernon Bullock. The trio consisted of a vocal dynamo named Anne Bogan (Challengers, Marvelettes), and Melvin & Leslie Wilson (New Birth), this second LP should have been their breakthrough. The trio, along with Harvey Fuqua, wrote the lion's share of the songs. The only one to get much play was "Strip Me Naked." The rest is a decent collection of tracks that, unfortunately, went nowhere on the charts.

I’d never heard of Love, Peace & Happiness before stumbling across their record one day at the Groove Merchant. Harvey Fuque did the production for the three-piece vocal Soul outfit that featured the brothers Melvin and Leslie Wilson plus Ann Bogan from Michigan. The whole album is enjoyable from beginning to end with Love Is Stronger Far Than We that builds up until becoming a great shouter of a Soul tune by the end, the inspirational (Only You) Message To The Establishment with a chorus of “Only You, Can Make Things Better” about self-empowerment during the 70s, and the Pop oriented and radio friendly You’ve Got To Be The One For Me. Hands down though, the best is the ending Lonely Room with its funky edge.

1. Love Is Stronger Far Than We (Plus Fort Que Nous)
2. (Only You) Message To The Establishment
3. Overlooked Generation
4. Don't Take Your Love From Me
5. Unborn Child
6. Strip Me Naked
7. You've Got To Be The One For Me
8. Don't Blame The Young Folks (For The Drug Society)
9. Lonely Room

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Anonymous COSMO said...

Best yet man... i love obscure 70's soul. more please... this is amazing!


4/30/2007 2:58 AM  

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