Monday, June 11, 2007

Larry Willis - Inner Crisis (Groove Merchant 1973)


Blogger low said...

Inner Crisis by Larry Willis is one of the very finest examples of electric jazz-funk from the mid-'70s. With sidemen who included guitarist Roland Prince, drummer Al Foster, tenor saxophonist Harold Vick, and trombonist Dave Bargeron, as well as bassists Eddie Gomez (acoustic) and Roderick Gaskin (electric), Willis assembled a session that was long on composition and tight on the big groove. Willis' long front lines accentuated deep soul and blues' cadences that were hallmarks of music that walked the line between tough lean groove and the pulsating rhythm of disco without losing its jazz roots to sterile fusion tropes, thanks in large part to his willingness as a pianist to play as part of an ensemble rather than as a soloist. Tracks such as "153rd Street Theme," with its loping saxophone lines juxtaposed against deep groove basslines, offer a deeper perspective on the funk; the shimmering modal intensity of the title cut nods to the expansiveness of Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way,"and the blissed-out soul of "Journey's End," accentuates the wide-open engagement with lyricism that was frequently left out of the electric jazz equation during the period. Along with the other tracks here, they offer a moving, wonderfully conceived and articulated aspect of the music that has been sadly overlooked by all but the most devoted fans of the genre.

1. Out On The Coast
2. 153rd Street Theme
3. Inner Crisis
4. Bahamian Street Dance
5. For A Friend
6. Journey's End

6/11/2007 8:32 PM  
Anonymous steve.d said...

great posting,thank you.

6/12/2007 1:54 PM  
Anonymous Tim said...

Thanks for all your posts.

6/14/2007 4:07 PM  
Anonymous miles said...

Thanks for some very nice posts here!

FYI -- Larry Willis was burned out of his N.J. home back in January of this year. He has a new recording, 'Blue Fable' on High Note. Those who enjoy this post of 'Inner Crisis' should purchase Larry's newest (& excellent) date and contribute to his getting back on his feet.

7/23/2007 7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I love this record. The first song says it all.

8/18/2007 6:09 PM  

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