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Horacee Arnold - Tales Of The Exonerated Flea (Columbia 1974)


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In 1974, drummer and composer Horace Arnold assembled a stellar cast of players for Tales of the Exonerated Flea, his second Columbia album. Following on the heels of 1973's acclaimed Tribe, Tales was recorded at the height of the jazz-rock fusion era. Arnold's vision was a wide-ranging one and he recruited players form all over the jazz world, from stalwarts like bassist George Mraz and flutist Art Webb, to vanguardists like Sonny Fortune, to hardcore fusion players like Weather Report's master percussionist Dom Um Romao, the Mahavishnu Orchestra's bassist Rick Laird, and keyboardist Jan Hammer. As if this weren't enough, Arnold even reached into ECM's roster and signed up their two iconoclastic guitarists Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie. The end result is one of the most fascinating, soulful and truly successful albums of the entire genre. What one hears in listening to Tales of the Exonerated Flea is a cast of players who are seeking to open up both rock and jazz to new modes of expression. There are no sterile chops or elongated knotty passages that serve neither rhythm nor harmony. What's happening here is real fusion, of style, language, color, rhythm, harmonic and melodic concepts as well as dynamics. An intense examples is "Sing Nightjar" with its intricate melody and fine, provocative solos by Towner on 12-string and Hammer. The initial funky Latin groove of "Benzele Windows" that is introduced to fiery effect by Romao is quickly underscored by Webb's brilliant flute work and added to by Abercormbie and Fortune playing in tandem. When Hammer's electric piano enters the fray, moving in counterpoint with Arnold's lightning rhythmnatism, the piece becomes a startling orgy of rhythm and complexity before the shimmering dark funk of Laird, Hammer, and Arnold creates a dark funky groove for Fortune's soprano solo. The title cut uses a striated, extended and tensely convoluted bop line to introduce a burning Latin flavored stomp undergirding a modal line in the head. The chugging rhythmic invention at the heart of "Chinnereth II" belies a rather delicate if involved melody line before the tune becomes a joyful song with many parts and choruses. In all, Tales of the Exonerated Flea is a fusion record of the very best kind, it's full of soul, restless adventure, high-wire soloing and dirty grooves.

1. Puppett Of The Seasons
2. Sing Nightjar
3. Benzélé Windows
4. Tales Of The Exonerated Flea
5. Delicate Evasions
6. Chinnereth II
7. Euroaquilo Silence

11/16/2007 3:34 PM  
Blogger steve.d said...

a real treasure,thank you so much.

11/17/2007 2:46 AM  
Blogger katonah said...

sorry to be a pain, trying to open the download and it's asking for an encripted code. help?? many thanks

11/18/2007 11:24 AM  
Blogger funkyleptik said...

great great thanx

11/19/2007 1:30 PM  
Blogger E-mile says songs do the matter said...

Hi Headphone!

great LP, thanks!
I have a question for you:
a started a little blogbaby myself and if it's ok with you I would like to link your blog?
Please let me know!
kind regards, E-mile

11/20/2007 3:51 AM  
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welcome back and thanx for this!

11/22/2007 12:31 AM  
Anonymous Guillermo said...

Hi, Thanks a lot. I am a fan of Abercrombie, and this is one of those rare items I never found before.
I have that same problem with the encryption code, could you help?
Thanks again

3/06/2008 7:05 AM  
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Thank you for posting this fine forgotten gem. Sounds as great as it did in 1970-whatever!

3/08/2008 7:28 AM  
Blogger misha said...

Thank you very very much!
It's a wonderful!
I'm a big fan of Jan Hammer
and thank you again

7/07/2008 3:35 PM  
Blogger Erberken said...

Thank you for posting such great music. However, I wonder the passcode for Horacee Arnold could be?

9/10/2008 3:43 PM  

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